The TMC hiking program encourages all students to get outside, regardless of skill level. The White Mountains of New Hampshire offer a variety of hikes, ranging from beautiful walks in the woods for incredible views to the over 20-mile Presidential Traverse that ascends each of the peaks in the Presidential Range. Additionally, nearby Tufts, the Middlesex Fells also offers a weekend playground spot of short walks, trail runs, and bike rides for those less able to commit an entire weekend!


The TMC climbing program is committed to helping those of all skill levels increase their exposure to various types of climbing including indoor (gym) climbing, outdoor top roping, outdoor sport climbing, as well as ice climbing. Led either by our Climbing Director or another skilled TMC member, skills sessions are also posted to increase both knowledge and safety on climbing trips!


The TMC Aqua Program includes whitewater kayaking and rafting, both of which are seriously fun sports! We’d love to get you out on the water with us, even if you’ve never been before! If you’ve never done either of these activities, you need to first get on a basic skills trip. The first step is to learn the basics at Mystic Lakes, second to get some ferrying practice in on a trip to Cohasset, and third to get out there as much as you can! We also run river trips on the weekends, often in cahoots with the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). River trips vary in difficulty and require prior experience (which you could get from practicing down at Cohasset on our basic skills trips, or on a Beginner Instructional weekend trip).


TMC is proud to lead trips that range from cross-country skiing, to downhill resort skiing or snowboarding, to telemark skiing, to backcountry skiing or splitboarding! TMC welcomes beginner skiers hoping to get out for their first day on the slopes, as well as avid skiers looking to lead trips and/or venture safely into the backcountry. We hope to see you out there come winter in the White Mountains!


The biking program at TMC is focused on Mountain Biking. As of now, we have a sizable fleet of eight mountain bikes and a bike rack on the way! We will host workshops that focus on bike maintenance and mountain biking skills. We also lead trips in the local Middlesex Fells and further away in Vermont and New Hampshire. Contact the Bike Director with any questions!


Stewardship focuses on meaningful ways to give back to the environment and local outdoor community. This includes trail maintenance, working with Students of the Fells, and volunteering for other non-profit organizations that are directly focused on sustainability and environmental justice. Other opportunities will be posted as they arise! If you have any additional ideas for stewardship opportunities in TMC, please reach out to the stewardship director.

Trip Previews

TMC is piloting a move away from the Trips Board. Members should check the Slack and TMC Weekly newsletter for information on weekly trips.

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Reserve your spot at the Loj by following the steps on this document!


We have a Tufts Mountain Cub Events Google Calendar where we post all the cool stuff that’s happeing thorought the week!!!!


No gear? No problem! TMC can provide you with ski gear, climbing gear, hiking boots, friendship, etc. No payment necessary. Fill out this form to request gear! For specific questions, reach out to Xander Ort ( (401) 580-8074 ).

TMC Study Hours

TMC offers public study hours at 17 Chetwyn Rd every week!

Worried about potential cancellations? Check out a live schedule here!


Katie & Eva: 5:00-7:00pm

Becca & Cecilia 7:00-9:00pm


   Jeannine & Gwen: 7:00-9:00pm


Maddox & Gwen: 5:00-7:00pm