The Tufts Mountain Club’s (TMC) motto is “Go Outside”. More specifically, we connect members of the Tufts community with resources, knowledge, and friends to explore the outdoors. We welcome seasoned adventurers, first-time hikers, and everything in between.

TMC is one of the largest student organizations on campus. Founded in 1939, the organization is also one of the oldest on campus. We carry on many traditions from year to year, but also look for opportunities to offer new experiences to members.

TMC hosts events and trips locally and at our Loj in New Hampshire. Trips and events are publicized on our activities page. Club members can attend as many or as few events as they wish—there’s no minimum amount of participation to be part of TMC!

Trips are generally divided into five technical programs: hiking, climbing, aqua, skiing, and biking. The TMC board includes directors for each program, who ensure that skill sessions and trips are offered at a variety of levels over the course of the year. We also have a stewardship program, in which TMC gives back to the communities we are a part of through outdoor activities.

TMC members benefit from use of our many resources, including the Loj, the TMC office (Chet), two cars, and three roomfuls of gear.

Just about everything you need to connect with TMC is here on this website! See our FAQ to learn more about TMC resources and how to be involved and check out the activities page for the latest trips and events. If you want to learn more about our technical programs, our programs page has info on each one.

Ready to be a member? You can sign up for or renew membership on your profile page. Just click the membership tab to get started.



The TMC office (“Chet”) is our home on campus, as well as the place where all of TMC’s gear is stored. It is located at 17 Chetwynd Rd, right near Fletcher Field. All board members hold office hours at Chet throughout the week. You can also find hangouts, study sessions, and movie nights in Chet, so check the activities page to see what’s happening!


The Loj is TMC’s off campus base for trips, located in North Woodstock, New Hampshire, just 2 hours away from Tufts. It’s fully stocked with food, friends, board games, bunks, and everything you need to have a safe and fun time in the White Mountains! Almost every weekend during the school year we have two caretakers running the Loj, so people can enjoy the outdoors.


Due to COVID, the van cannot be used during this semester. Please disregard the FAQ tab on the van. Additionally, memberships are free for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters.

How do I get involved in TMC?

There are many ways to get involved in TMC! Become a member (see Membership FAQs), look at the Trips Board, sign up for the Weekly, join our Facebook page, and follow us on Instagram @tuftsmountainclub.

Do I have to be a current student to join?
No, anyone associated with Tufts can join TMC! This includes undergraduates, SMFA & NEC dual-degree students, graduate students, faculty, and alumni.
Alumni can caretake if they are caretaker certified. You can get caretaker certified by attending caretaker certification trainings, or by contacting the Loj Director to set up a time.
TMC also runs an alumni weekend in the summer. As long as you have an account with TMC and have your notification settings on, you should receive updates on alumni weekend. Please contact the Webmaster if you are having issues with your account.
Where can I find TMC on Campus?

The TMC office is located at 17 Chetwynd Rd, right near Fletcher Field. TMC gear is located at the office (often referred to as Chet). All board members hold office hours at Chet throughout the week. There are often movie nights and other hangouts going on there too, so be sure to check out the Trips Board for those.

What/when are office hours?

You can find info about office hours by scrolling down below!

Does TMC have a code of conduct?

Yes, you can view the code of conduct here.

I didn't do TWO (Tufts Wilderness Orientation), can I still be involved?

Of course you can! TWO is a pre-orientation program that is not affiliated with TMC. TMC is a student club, active year round.

What gear can I rent?

Check out the gear inventory to see what we have and what’s currently available.

Does TMC get pro deals?


How do I become a member?

Note: Anyone with a previous TMC account needs to make a new account through our new website.

Click the Log In button that appears in the top right corner of each page. Create an account by typing in your first name, last name, email and password, even if you had an account on the old TMC website.

Memberships are free for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. Please disregard the information below about paying dues.

To pay membership dues:

  1. Make an account on the TouchNet website
  2. Log-in to your account
  3. Visit the Tufts Mountain Club store
  4. Find the Membership Fee item
  5. Select add to cart
  6. Mark whether you have been a TMC member before
  7. Checkout!
  8. Your TMC membership will be activated after you have paid the membership fee on the TouchNet website. If you are having trouble using your account, contact the Webmaster.

What are some membership perks?
With a membership, you can sign up for and lead trips, use the TMC vans, get free gear rentals, discounts to climbing gym & outdoor gear shops, and stay at the Loj at a reduced rate.
How much does membership cost?

Membership lasts for 1 school year, starting in September and ending in the following September. It costs $25 for new members and $20 for returning members.

Additionally, you can become a member during the spring semester without having to pay for the full year. It costs $15 for new members and $10 for returning members.

Is financial aid available?

Yes! Please contact the Treasurer for all financial aid needs.

I love TMC and want to become a lifetime member! How do I do that?

We love you, too!

To become a lifetime member:

  1. Make an account on the TouchNet website
  2. Log-in to your account
  3. Go to the Lifetime Membership item (note: the Lifetime Membership does not appear in our regular marketplace and is only viewable via direct link)
  4. Select add to cart
  5. Checkout!
  6. Your account will soon have a paid membership account(FOREVER) If you are having trouble using your account, contact the Webmaster.
I don't have any experience in the outdoors, can I still be involved?
Yes! Many trips require no prior experience. Many TMC students have minimal outdoor experience before coming to Tufts.
How do I go on a trip?

First, become a member (see membership FAQ tab). Then, sign up for a trip on the Trips Board!

I don't have time to go to the Loj, how do I get involved?

TMC runs lots of local trips including hiking, climbing, running, and biking. Besides those activities, we also have community-building events including movie nights, baking, sledding on Prez Lawn, and star-gazing.

How can I lead a trip?

Any TMC member with required technical certifications can post and lead a trip.

To post a trip, log into your account and navigate to the Trips Board. Then click "Add a New Trip" and fill out the trips form. TMC will review your trip request and approve, suggest edits, or reject the trip. We always provide a reason for trip rejection.

Not ready to lead a trip on your own? Consider co-leading a trip with a fellow club member.

What are technical certifications, and how do I become certified?

In order to make TMC trips be as safe and enjoyable for everyone, we require certain trips to have trip leaders with technical certifications. Any hiking, climbing, aqua, skiing, and biking trip requires the trip leader to have the corresponding technical certification. This ensures that trip leaders are aware of all TMC policies and priorities before going on a trip, so they are better prepared to address any problems.

To become tech certified:

  1. Read through the guidelines for the activity
  2. Fill out the desired technical certification form
  3. Send the completed form to the corresponding technical director. The technical director will follow up with you after you have submitted the form.

Technical certifications last for a lifetime, unless the requirements are updated, at which time you will be notified that you need to renew your certification.

Hiking Guidelines | Hiking Tech Form
Climbing Guidelines | Climbing Tech Form
Skiing Guidelines | Skiing Tech Form
Aqua Guidelines | Aqua Tech Form
Biking Guidelines | Biking Tech Form

Contact a Tech Director

What is the Loj?

The Loj (pronounced "lodge") is a cabin owned by Tufts, located at 1 Potato Hill Road in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. Only two hours north of Tufts, you can find TMC members hiking, skiing, climbing, kayaking and relaxing all times of the year.

What is a caretaker, and how do I become one?

Every weekend two caretaker-certified students introduce people to the Loj, ensure that trips are going out and coming back safely, and stock the Loj with food. You can become a caretaker by going to a caretaker certification training. You can sign up for caretaker training by filling out the Caretaker Sign-Up Sheet. Check out the Caretaking Manual to learn more. If you have other questions about caretaking, please contact the Loj Director.

Can I go to the Loj whenever I want?

The Loj is regularly open every weekend during the semester. During these weekends, the Loj will be fully stocked with food and maintained by a caretaker. You must fill out the Loj Attendance Form before going to the Loj.
Occasionally, the Loj will be open in the middle of the week or over breaks, but that depends on caretaker availability. Loj use mid-week and during breaks will be advertised by the Loj Director when available.

In order to keep the Loj safe and well-maintained, only caretaker-certified people can open up the Loj. No one is allowed in the Loj if there is not someone present who is caretaker-certified.

We also may have closed Loj weekends certain times during the year, for groups or for cleaning. You can see the Loj schedule here, where you can see when caretakers will be present, as well as closed weekends.

What do I need to bring to the Loj?

The Loj has all the basics for your stay, so you'll just want to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and whatever you would normally take on a weekend trip (toiletries, clothing, etc.). No shoes are allowed in the Loj, so you might want to bring some cozy socks or slippers for wearing inside.

Do I need to bring food to the Loj?

No, the Loj is fully stocked with food during the school year. Some classic Loj dishes include quesadillas, chili, Loj-chos (AKA nachos made at the Loj), peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and baked goods!

If you have food allergies or other dietary restrictions, please contact the Loj Director before heading up. We can accommodate anyone!

How much does the Loj cost?


Pay for Loj Stay

How can I get to the Loj?

You can either sign up for a ride on the Trips Board or drive your personal car.

Can my group do a retreat?

Yes! See here and contact the Loj Director.

What are Big Weekends?

On these themed weekends TMC organizes rides, leaders, trips, and food.

What are the rules at the Loj?

Given that the Loj is owned by Tufts, the code of conduct is followed while there.

What are the TMC vans?

TMC owns a wonderful van for any van-certified TMC member to take out on excursions. Zoomer is our Nissan Rogue. You can take Zoomer for local trips (climbing gym, the Fells, etc.) or for long distance outings (Loj, skiing, etc.).

Who can ride in TMC vans?

TMC vans are exclusively for TMC members.

How much does it cost to use the vans?

For long trips (such as to the Loj), all passengers pay $10 for gas. Shorter trips do not require payments

How do I get van certified?

Applications for new university driver approvals will begin again on 11/1, check back for details. Sorry for the inconvenience - Tufts is currently between driver approval programs.

How do I use the TMC vans?

Submit your activity to the Trips Board and wait for it to be approved. You’ll get a confirmation email when it has been approved, or an email explaining why it hasn’t been approved.

You can find the van on the 5th floor of the Dowling parking garage.

Please follow the rules sheet that is in the van and treat the van kindly! The van is a common club resource and it’s important that we all do our part to keep it clean.

After your trip, park the van on the 5th floor of the Dowling parking garage. Please respect other van reservations and return the van at the end of your scheduled trip time!

Leave no trace! Please take out any trash from the van (even if it was already there) and all your belongings.

I got a parking ticket / pulled over. Now what?

In case of a parking ticket, notify the Van Director immediately.
The registration is inside a manila envelope in the passenger glove box. In almost all cases, the driver of the vehicle at the time of any citation is responsible for all fines!
On campus, you may only park in Dowling Parking garage. There are pass cards in the vans so you don’t have to pay for parking.

Where's the best place to get gas? Who pays for gas?

Gas purchases are not restricted to any one station or brand of gasoline.
While prices are pretty equal in the Tufts area, they are NOT in New Hampshire. Gas stations in New Hampshire near ski areas may charge up to 40 cents more per gallon than other areas during the winter. Do not buy gas for the van in Lincoln, NH during ski season!
In New Hampshire, the Mobil station across the street from the Tilt’n Diner in Tilton, NH (Exit 20 on interstate 93) has fair prices.

If you have access to the TMC P-card, use that to pay for gas. Otherwise, use your own money, get a physical copy of the receipt, and fill out this reimbursement form to get paid back.

What do I do if I get in an accident or there is another emergency?
  1. Regardless of the severity, first call 911 or the local emergency phone number.
  2. Check to see if passengers are okay. Provide any aid you can to injured parties.
  3. Cooperate with local law enforcement; do not speak or write of fault or assume liability
  4. Provide what is needed to the other party in order for a claim to be filed (insurance information contained in the vehicle), as well as your name, address, telephone number and driver’s license number.
  5. Report accident to TUPD at 617-627-3030 (available 24/7) and to the Van Director.
  6. Complete accident report and ask for copy. Send copy to Tufts Fleet manager (who will share with TUPD and Risk Management). Failure to report an accident while operating a University vehicle, whether at-fault or not, may result in disciplinary action.

In cases of at-fault authorized-use accidents by a Tufts driver, where Tufts is unable to recover financially from a responsible third party, the driver’s department, school or program will assume the first $1,000 of any cost associated with the accident.

How do I drive in the snow and rain?

Winters in New Hampshire bring a lot of snow and rain onto the roads which drivers who are either checking out the TMC van or who are driving their own car must be aware of and plan ahead for.

Cautions for Driving in Rain/Snow:

  • Make sure to disengage cruise control and drive around 35-40mph on Highway 93. Hydroplaning is of great concern when one is driving too fast on roads covered with ice and/or water.
  • Be cautious when changing lanes if there is a good deal of build-up snow between the two lanes, especially on Highway 93.
  • Be sure to drive in the tire tracks of other vehicles as there will be greater traction in these areas.
  • If you find yourself hydroplaning, take your foot off the gas pedal and correct your steering into the turn so as to slow down and engage your tires with road again.
How do I become a paid member?
  1. Make an account on the TouchNet Website
  2. Log-in to your account
  3. Visit the Tufts Mountain Club Store
  4. Find the Membership Fee item
  5. Select add to cart
  6. Mark whether you have been a TMC member before
  7. Checkout!
  8. Your account will soon be switched to a paid member account. If you are having trouble using your account, contact the Webmaster.
How do I pay for Loj Stay?
  1. Make an account on the TouchNet Website
  2. Log-in to your account
  3. Visit the Tufts Mountain Club Store
  4. Navigate to the Loj Stay item
  5. Select how many nights you will be staying at the Loj, if you will be eating Loj food
  6. Select add to cart
  7. Enter whether or not you are a paid member
  8. Don’t forget to purchase the gas item if you are riding up to the Loj in a TMC van
  9. Checkout
  10. Show the caretakers the confirmation of your purchase upon arrival at the Loj. Either printing or showing it from your phone works!
Does TMC have merch for sale?

Yes! Visit our online store or attend office hours at 17 Chetwynd to purchase merchandise.

Paying for merchandise online:

  1. Make an account on the TouchNet Website
  2. Log-in to your account
  3. Visit the Tufts Mountain Club Store
  4. Add items to your cart
  5. Checkout!
  6. Bring your purchase confirmation to any TMC Board Member's office hours
Does TMC offer any financial aid?

Absolutely. Contact the Treasurer with questions.

How much does it cost to ride in a TMC van?

Local van costs are free. It costs $10 to ride up to the Loj.

  1. Make an account on the TouchNet Website
  2. Log-in to your account
  3. Visit the Tufts Mountain Club Store
  4. Add the Gas item to your cart
  5. Select add to cart
  6. You can also pay for Loj Stay online
  7. Checkout!
How do I get reimbursed?

Fill out this form and drop it off on the third floor of the campus center in Annie Wong's office. Every reimbursement should have an itemized receipt, and try to keep personal purchases separate from any club purchases.

TMC is amazing, and I want to give back! How do I donate to TMC?

Donations are not accepted through our marketplace.

However, you can purchase either multiple memberships or purchase a lifetime membership.

If you have further inquiries, please contact our Treasurer.


Reed Kass-Mullet

Reed Kass-Mullet


Read More:

He does the website.

✉️ reed.kass_mullet@tufts.edu
📞 (206) 549-8028

Elizabeth Mulgrew de Laire

Elizabeth Mulgrew de Laire

Biking Director

Read More:

Elizabeth is a freshman from Carlisle, Massachusetts who loves getting outside, especially on two wheels. You can catch her and Rose, her (blue) bike, cruising over to the Fells most days, and they’d be so happy to have more buddies to ride with! She is so excited to be heading the TMC biking program, and if you ever want to get out on any sort of bike ride (literally any kind at all) please don’t hesitate to shoot her a text or an email anytime!

✉️ elizabeth.mulgrew_de_laire@tufts.edu
📞 (978) 761-3366

 Nicole Setow

Nicole Setow

Outreach & Inclusion

Read More:

Nicole Setow is a sophomore whose love of the outdoors started in her backyard. Since then, she’s developed a fondness for hiking, scenic walks on the beach, and skateboarding. She’s currently working on her ollies, so if you have any tips, please send them her way! As someone who didn’t grow up with much access to trails or gear, she recognizes that outing clubs can often feel exclusive. This year, she’s hoping to help make the outdoors accessible to all students at Tufts.

✉️ nicole.setow@tufts.edu
📞 (617) 639-6377

 Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell


Read More:

Elizabeth is a junior from NY. When she’s not in the beautiful SEC atrium you can find her OUTSIDE. She’s dabbled in many an outdoor activity since joining TMC, and is currently fixated on biking. Equally important obsessions include word games, Maine, peanut butter, and Mt Moriah. Elizabeth is absolutely PSHYCHED to lead board 2021 (aka the best board Tufts has ever seen) as this year’s TMC president! Text/ call/ email her w all of your TMC related inquiries, concerns or ideas!

✉️ elizabeth.mitchell2@tufts.edu
📞 (914) 574-1027

 Ella Do

Ella Do

Vice President

Read More:

Ella Do is a junior who bopped around from the Bay Area to New Mexico back to Irvine, California. It’s safe to say that she has gone on more hikes during her time here at Tufts than during all of her pre-college years (when we say all skill levels are welcome in the TMC community, we mean it!). Aside from an outdoor adventure, she loves calligraphy, designing the occasional tattoo, and just loafing around on the porch. Ella is beyond grateful and excited for another year on board as the new 2021 VP.

✉️ e2000.hdo@gmail.com
📞 (925) 708-9023

 Zac Churchill

Zac Churchill

Hiking Director

Read More:

At one point there was not. And then at one point there was. Scientists have deemed that Zac became is sometime after was was, but was not when was not was. Zac has now developed semantic satiation with the word was in writing this bio. The name Zac refers to the loose form attached to a Joshua Tree beanie that directs all hiking operations within TMC. The world was bequeathed upon Zac at age zero in the land where all spiritual energy will inevitably converge: North Carolina. Upon meeting his first mountain, a sublime manifestation of plate tectonics by the name of Crowder’s, Zac found his deepest passion in experiencing the world alongside our natural wonders. Zac loves sharing energy with trees, listening to the way rivers marvel at the sky, and munching on lunch with his favorite mountains. He would love to introduce you to all of his mountain, tree, and river friends through hiking, his most beloved means of getting outside! Feel free to reach out to Zac by text or email with any hiking related questions!

✉️ zachary.churchill@tufts.edu
📞 (704) 896-3993

Serena Laing

Serena Laing

Climbing Director

Read More:

Serena is a junior who lives in Minnesota but grew up in Belmont, Mass. Since coming back to the east coast for school, Serena has started climbing plastic rocks and actual rocks when its an especially great day (or maybe even ice if its cold out???). She is excited to climb more rocks with other TMC members this year! Besides rocks, Serena also likes making playlists, ben and jerry’s ice cream, hiking, the Beatles, and chef’s table. Serena does not like olives, pavement that is too icy to run on, and the loj being closed. Reach out to Serena for all climbing related questions or if u need a belay partner 😉

✉️ serena.laing@tufts.edu
📞 (617) 659-1990

Audrey Ledbetter

Audrey Ledbetter


Read More:

Audrey is a junior from the great marsh of Houston, TX. TMC introduced her to so many lovely humans and she’s so jazzed to be returning the favor by ~communicating~ with everyone on a weekly basis. Outside she loves to walk and refuses to look at a map when in the Fells so don’t go with her if you don’t like to get lost and ponder life’s great questions. On campus you can find her napping or with stacks of philosophy books and a confused look on her face. If you ever need any books recs or want to give books recs she’s your gal so shoot her a text/email with all your thoughts !!!!!

✉️ audrey.ledbetter@tufts.edu
📞 (832) 472-8222

Maria Clark

Maria Clark


Read More:

Maria is a sophomore from sunny San Diego who loves any form of outdoors-ing! She was lucky enough to enjoy the beach growing up but didn’t have any other outdoor experience until coming to Tufts. Thanks to TMC, she now loves to hike, ski, and climb! She also (finally) learned how to surf last summer. Even though all of those activities are super fun, Maria’s favorite part of TMC is the community. She is so grateful to be community director this year and excited for the opportunity to meet new people and help make TMC as accessible and welcoming as possible. Definitely reach out to her with any thoughts, questions, or ideas about TMC!! 🙂

✉️ Maria.clark@tufts.edu
📞 (760) 415-5771

 Leo Westgard

Leo Westgard

Loj Director

Read More:

Following his personal hero, Kel Boland, from their shared homeland of south central Connecticut, Leo Westgard sojurned to Tufts University. Along the way he was met with many challenges, like a lot of traffic and a couple rivers he had to wade through, all so he could take his fated position as the Biking Director of TMC. Leo is honored to be the triennial Biking Director and is determined to ride TMC into the glorious sunset that is a good bike trip. As many have guessed, Leo was not named, his original name has been forgotten to the annals of history. Leo is a title. One he wrestled from the heavens. Like Hercules and so many random tourists before him, Leo defeated the constellation lion so that his face may be recorded in the stars. He can be contacted at 203-415-0349 or via bike messenger. Leo would like to thank the honorary Max Migdail for assistance with his bio.

✉️ Leo.westgard@tufts.edu
📞 (203) 415-0349

 Lizzie Friedman

Lizzie Friedman

Skuaqua Director (Ski + Aqua)

Read More:

Lizzie is a first year who lives outside of Chicago in a suburb called Glencoe. You may have heard “you go glen coe coe” notoriously quoted from Mean Girls because the movie is in fact based off of her high school. When Lizzie is not busy (or in the midst of procrastination), she is often scrolling through white water kayaking videos. Her love for kayaking and skiing in Idaho led her to this beautiful skuaqua position on TMC board. Reach out to her with any skuaqua related puns, jokes, or questions!!

✉️ elizabeth.friedman@tufts.edu
📞 (847) 626-8830

Alexa Brown

Alexa Brown

Events and Big Weekends

Read More:

Alexa is a sophomore from Breckenridge, Colorado. She’s met so many of her closest friends thru TMC (including her roommate from planning a big weekend!) and she’s super stoked to create awesome weekends where other peeps can have the same experience she has had. Alexa’s fav way to get outdoors is skiing, and she loves stuffed animals, cat videos, naps, and rereading her favorite book! If u ever wanna get involved in a big weekend or have a punny name in mind for somethin, shoot her a text or an email!!!!!

✉️ alexa.brown@tufts.edu
📞 (910) 622-3453

Grace Melcher

Grace Melcher


Read More:

Grace Melcher is TMC’s treasurer, a position she believed to be concerning the magical art of treasure hunting (but apparently seems to be about money?!) She is a sophomore from Houston, Texas, a very flat and hot land; however, she loves engaging in the cold and mountainous world of New Hampshire. Catch Grace and Sheila, her beloved Subaru, zooming their way to the Loj! On campus, Grace can often be found in the sad sad halls of Halligan, so please reach out to her and give her an excuse to interact with humans and not computers!

✉️ grace.melcher@tufts.edu
📞 (713) 825-7353

Sydney Rubin

Sydney Rubin

Operations Director

Read More:

Sydney Rubin is a first-year from Philadelphia who enjoys frolicking, mountains, and frolicking on mountains. As Operations Director, she is excited to distribute gear to help others do the same! Some of her other hobbies include curating + naming Spotify playlists, learning languages (Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish), playing board games, drinking balsamic vinegar, and dreaming of being a wild mushroom forager. Reach out to her with any questions or grammar puns! She runs gear hours on Monday & Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30.

✉️ sydney.rubin622905@tufts.edu
📞 (267) 536-6718

Office Hours

President and Vice-President Office Hours by appt… email
Gear Hours: Monday and Thursday 4:30-6:30pm
and by appt… email sydney.rubin622905@tufts.edu


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