The Tufts Mountain Club’s (TMC) motto is “Go Outside”. More specifically, we connect members of the Tufts community with resources, knowledge, and friends to explore the outdoors. We welcome seasoned adventurers, first-time hikers, and everything in between.

TMC is one of the largest student organizations on campus. Founded in 1939, the organization is also one of the oldest on campus. We carry on many traditions from year to year, but also look for opportunities to offer new experiences to members.

TMC hosts events and trips locally and at our Loj in New Hampshire. Trips and events are publicized on our activities page. Club members can attend as many or as few events as they wish—there’s no minimum amount of participation to be part of TMC!

Trips are generally divided into five technical programs: hiking, climbing, aqua, skiing, and biking. The TMC board includes directors for each program, who ensure that skill sessions and trips are offered at a variety of levels over the course of the year. We also have a stewardship program, in which TMC gives back to the communities we are a part of through outdoor activities.

TMC members benefit from use of our many resources, including the Loj, the TMC office (Chet), two cars, and three roomfuls of gear.

Just about everything you need to connect with TMC is here on this website! See our FAQ to learn more about TMC resources and how to be involved and check out the activities page for the latest trips and events. If you want to learn more about our technical programs, our programs page has info on each one.

Ready to be a member? You can sign up for or renew membership on your profile page. Just click the membership tab to get started.



The TMC office (“Chet”) is our home on campus, as well as the place where all of TMC’s gear is stored. It is located at 17 Chetwynd Rd, right near Fletcher Field. All board members hold office hours at Chet throughout the week. You can also find hangouts, study sessions, and movie nights in Chet, so check the activities page to see what’s happening!


The Loj is TMC’s off campus base for trips, located in North Woodstock, New Hampshire, just 2 hours away from Tufts. It’s fully stocked with food, friends, board games, bunks, and everything you need to have a safe and fun time in the White Mountains! Almost every weekend during the school year we have two caretakers running the Loj, so people can enjoy the outdoors.


How can I become a TMC member?

To become a member you must first purchase a membership from the TMC Store (sliding scale, $15 suggested) and then register on our website.

At this time only Tufts undergraduates can become full members; however, both graduate students and Alumni can still sign up for the weekly newsletter and go to the Loj by contacting our wonderful Loj director!

How to become a member:

  1. Purchase a new membership from the Tufts Mountain Club store on Touchnet
  2. Make sure to fill in your graduation year and use your Tufts email when you checkout.
  3. Take a screenshot of your receipt
  4. Fill out the form on our Become a Member page and upload the screenshot of your receipt.
  5. If you are having trouble, contact the following email: tuftsmountainclub.contact@gmail.com
Do I have to be a current student to join?
Yes, due to recent changes only current Tufts undergraduates can become fully-fledged members. However, both graduate students and alumni can still go to the Loj by contacting the loj director!
Alumni can caretake if they are caretaker certified. You can get caretaker certified by attending caretaker certification trainings, or by contacting the Loj Director to set up a time.
Where can I find TMC on Campus?

The TMC office is located at 17 Chetwynd Rd, right near Fletcher Field. TMC gear is located at the office (often referred to as Chet). All board members hold office hours at Chet throughout the week. There are often movie nights and other hangouts going on there too, so be sure to check out the Trips Board for those.

What/when are office hours?

You can find info about office hours by scrolling down below!

Does TMC have a code of conduct?

Yes, you can view the code of conduct here.

I didn't do TWO (Tufts Wilderness Orientation), can I still be involved?

Of course you can! TWO is a pre-orientation program that is not affiliated with TMC. TMC is a student club, active year round.

What gear can I rent?

Check out the gear inventory to see what we have and what’s currently available. For specific questions, reach out to our gear director!

Does TMC get pro deals?

Yes! Orders only happen every once in a while and they will be announced via the weekly or some other form of communication.

How do I become a member?

To become a member you must first purchase a membership from the TMC Store (sliding scale, $15 suggested) and then register on our website.

How to become a member:

  1. Purchase a new membership from the Tufts Mountain Club store on Touchnet
  2. Make sure to fill in your graduation year and use your Tufts email when you checkout.
  3. Take a screenshot of your receipt
  4. Fill out the form on our Become a Member page and upload the screenshot of your receipt.
  5. If you are having trouble, contact the following email: tuftsmountainclub.contact@gmail.com
What are some membership perks?

With a membership, you can sign up for and lead trips, use the TMC vans, get free gear rentals, discounts to climbing gym & outdoor gear shops, and stay at the Loj at a reduced rate.

How much does membership cost?

Membership lasts for 1 school year, starting in September and ending in the following September. It costs $25 for new members and $20 for returning members.

Additionally, you can become a member during the spring semester without having to pay for the full year. It costs $15 for new members and $10 for returning members.

Is financial aid available?

Yes! Please contact the Treasurer for all financial aid needs.

Do I have to be a Tufts undergraduate to be a member?

Unfortunately yes, we can currently only allow Tufts undergraduates to become fully-fledged members. However, both graduate students and alumni can still travel to the loj by contacting our Loj Director.

I don't have any experience in the outdoors, can I still be involved?
Yes! Many trips require no prior experience. Many TMC students have minimal outdoor experience before coming to Tufts.
How do I go on a trip?

First, become a member (see membership FAQ tab). Then, sign up for a trip on the Trips Board!

I don't have time to go to the Loj, how do I get involved?

TMC runs lots of local trips including hiking, climbing, running, and biking. Besides those activities, we also have community-building events including movie nights, baking, sledding on Prez Lawn, and star-gazing.

How can I lead a trip?

Any TMC member with required technical certifications can post and lead a trip.

To post a trip, log into your account and navigate to the Trips Board. Then click "Add a New Trip" and fill out the trips form. TMC will review your trip request and approve, suggest edits, or reject the trip. We always provide a reason for trip rejection.

Not ready to lead a trip on your own? Consider co-leading a trip with a fellow club member.

What are technical certifications, and how do I become certified?

In order to make TMC trips be as safe and enjoyable for everyone, we require certain trips to have trip leaders with technical certifications. Any hiking, climbing, aqua, skiing, and biking trip requires the trip leader to have the corresponding technical certification. This ensures that trip leaders are aware of all TMC policies and priorities before going on a trip, so they are better prepared to address any problems.

To become tech certified:

  1. Read through the guidelines for the activity
  2. Fill out the desired technical certification form
  3. Send the completed form to the corresponding technical director. The technical director will follow up with you after you have submitted the form.

Technical certifications last for a lifetime, unless the requirements are updated, at which time you will be notified that you need to renew your certification.

Hiking Guidelines | Hiking Tech Form
Climbing Guidelines | Climbing Tech Form
Skiing Guidelines | Skiing Tech Form
Aqua Guidelines | Aqua Tech Form
Biking Guidelines | Biking Tech Form

Contact a Tech Director

What is the Loj?

The Loj (pronounced "lodge") is a cabin owned by Tufts, located at 1 Potato Hill Road in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. Only two hours north of Tufts, you can find TMC members hiking, skiing, climbing, kayaking and relaxing all times of the year.

All relevant Loj policies and forms (Sign up, Payment, Covid rules) can be found on this document.

What is a caretaker, and how do I become one?

Every weekend two caretaker-certified students introduce people to the Loj, ensure that trips are going out and coming back safely, and stock the Loj with food. You can become a caretaker by going to a caretaker certification training. Caretaker training sessions have not yet started. If you have other questions about caretaking, please contact the Loj Director.

Can I go to the Loj whenever I want?

The Loj is regularly open every weekend during the semester. During these weekends, the Loj will be fully stocked with food and maintained by a caretaker. You must fill out the Loj Attendance Form before going to the Loj.

This form can be found on the official Loj policies document here.

Occasionally, the Loj will be open in the middle of the week or over breaks, but that depends on caretaker availability. Loj use mid-week and during breaks will be advertised by the Loj Director when available.

In order to keep the Loj safe and well-maintained, only caretaker-certified people can open up the Loj. No one is allowed in the Loj if there is not someone present who is caretaker-certified.

We also may have closed Loj weekends at certain times during the year, for groups or for cleaning.

What do I need to bring to the Loj?

The Loj has all the basics for your stay, so you'll just want to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and whatever you would normally take on a weekend trip (toiletries, clothing, etc.). No shoes are allowed in the Loj, so you might want to bring some cozy socks or slippers for wearing inside.

Do I need to bring food to the Loj?

No, the Loj is fully stocked with food during the school year. Some classic Loj dishes include quesadillas, chili, Loj-chos (AKA nachos made at the Loj), peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and baked goods!

If you have food allergies or other dietary restrictions, please contact the Loj Director before heading up. We can accommodate anyone!

How much does the Loj cost?


Pay for Loj Stay

How can I get to the Loj?

You can either sign up for a ride on the Trips Board or drive your personal car.

Can my group do a retreat?

Yes! See here and contact the Loj Director.

What are Big Weekends?

On these themed weekends TMC organizes rides, leaders, trips, and food.

What are the rules at the Loj?

Given that the Loj is owned by Tufts, the code of conduct is followed while there.

How can I use one of the TMC vans?

Contact the van director (513-722-6565) for information on how to get van certified!

Does TMC offer any financial aid?

Absolutely. Contact the Treasurer with questions.

How do I become a paid member?

Note: Anyone with a previous TMC account needs to make a new account through our new website.

To become a member you must first create a website account and then purchase a membership from the TMC Store.

How to become a member:

  1. Click the Log In button that appears in the top right corner of each page.
  2. Create an account by typing in your first name, last name, Tufts email, and password, even if you had an account on the old TMC website.
  3. Visit the Tufts Mountain Club store on Touchnet
  4. Find the Membership Fee item
  5. Select add to cart
  6. Fill in your graduation year
  7. Checkout (as a guest or you can create an account) with your Tufts email!
  8. Your TMC membership will be activated after you have paid the membership fee on the TouchNet website. If you are having trouble using your account, contact the following email: tuftsmountainclub.contact@gmail.com
How do I pay for Loj Stay?
  1. Make an account on the TouchNet Website
  2. Log-in to your account
  3. Visit the Tufts Mountain Club Store
  4. Navigate to the Loj Stay item
  5. Select how many nights you will be staying at the Loj
  6. Enter whether or not you are a current Tufts undergraduate
  7. Complete the checkout process
  8. Show the caretakers the confirmation of your purchase upon arrival at the Loj. Either printing or showing it from your phone works!
Does TMC have merch for sale?

There is not currently any merch for sale, but we will likely release something over the course of the year so be on the lookout for announcements!

How do I get reimbursed for a sanctioned club purchase?

Please contact our Treasurer with any questions!


Olivia Potier

Olivia Potier


Read More:

Olivia (she/her) is a sophomore from North Carolina who loves TMC so much and can’t wait to help the club become stronger as president. Olivia enjoys backpacking, climbing, and pointing out cool moss/mushrooms/critters/trees along the way. She is always down to try any new adventure and cannot wait to help people of all skill/comfort levels in the outdoors try new activities, find community in TMC, and have a ton of fun. Reach out to her with any thoughts/ideas/questions or to grab coffee or go on a walk!

✉️ olivia.potier@tufts.edu

Larson Burak

Larson Burak

Vice President

Read More:

Larson is a sophomore from Boulder, Colorado. He likes hiking and skiing, preferably with his dog, and generally enjoys being outside as a rule. Larson is super excited to get Tufts students out to the great outdoors in Medford and even further out into the greater outdoors by the Loj, so please reach out if you’re excited to not study and go outside.

✉️ larson.burak@tufts.edu
📞 303-378-4948


Joey Galvan-Carty

Joey Galvan-Carty

Hiking Director

Read More:

Joey Galvan-Carty (He/Him) is a sophomore from Northern California and the TMC hiking director. He loves to go slow and enjoy his surroundings – which is why he’s the hiking director, not the sprinting director. Whether hiking, sitting in the water waiting for a wave, standing on a slackline, or walking to class he will always take his time. You may find him slacklining at all hours of the night and feel free to go up and join him. He is very excited to slowly explore every inch of the White Mountains with you, so reach out with any questions or potential plans to hike or backpack. Send him a text with any hiking-related questions and he will respond as quickly as he can. 

✉️ joseph.galvan_carty@tufts.edu
📞 510-928-0663

Karina Malm

Karina Malm

Biking Director

Read More:

Karina (she/her) is bike-directing as a sophomore from Saint Paul, MN studying Engineering Psychology. She likes walking, running, jumping, eating, stepping, talking, diving, and looking around outside. She appreciates the sun, the rain, and the snow, and fully believes in cycling (it is cool, fun, and good!). Please reach out to Karina if you have any curiosities, or general inqueries about BIKING.

✉️ karina.malm@tufts.edu
📞 651-354-4623

Luke Titan

Luke Titan

Student Outreach and Inclusion Director

Read More:

Luke Titan is a junior from sunny Southern California who uses he/him pronouns. He’s super excited to be the TMC student outreach and inclusion director! He loves the outdoors, you can find him hiking the fells, playing ultimate frisbee, and running around the mystic. Feel free to reach out to him via email or text anytime.

✉️ luke.titan@tufts.edu
📞 310-780-6268

Ruby Tumusiime

Ruby Tumusiime


Read More:

Ruby (she/her) is a sophomore from Western Mass and she’s your techwiz! Her love of the outdoors sprouts from stargazing, walking, hiking, picnicking, biking, skiing, snow tubing. Basically, any outdoor activity that ends in -ing. Feel free to reach out to her if you have any web related questions or just for vibes! 

✉️ ruby.tumusiime@tufts.edu
📞 857-829-9476

Jacob Spivack

Jacob Spivack

Climbing Director

Read More:

Jacob Spivack (he/him) is a first-year from Philadelphia who is beyond amped to explore New England’s crags and to be TMC’s climbing director! He first and foremost loves to climb – whether that be indoors or outdoors, in a manner of different places with a manner of different people. In addition to that, he is an avid hiker and a reluctant skier. Outside of TMC, he enjoys climbing (yes, even more climbing!!!) with Tufts’ Climbing Team, reading, running, and taking long, contemplative walks by the Mystic River. If you ever have a suggestion or question (or just want to talk about climbing) you can give him a call or send him an email.

✉️ jacob.spivack@tufts.edu

📞 215-776-8474

Emma Selesnick

Emma Selesnick

Communications Director

Read More:

Emma Selesnick (she/her) is a first year student from Pleasantville, NY and TMC’s current communications director. She loves the outdoors and exploring them while hiking, kayaking, swimming, and rock climbing. When not studying in the SEC, Emma can be found lying on prez lawn, reading by the sink, or devouring a greens and grains bowl from hodge. Emma is so excited to be a part of this year’s board and can’t wait to get to know each and everyone one of you. Feel free to reach out with any questions, weekly-related or not!  

✉️ emma.selesnick@tufts.edu
📞 914-208-6611

Katie Lew

Katie Lew

Community Director

Read More:

Katie (she/her) is a sophomore who grew up right on the border Medford. She would prefer to spend all of her time skiing (of any variety) and backpacking, and thinks it is quite nice to bring things like sketchbooks and cards and pickles into the mountains. Homemade soup and the Nolop laser cutter also hold a very large place in her heart. As community director she is so excited to see a bunch of TMCers together and outside in all sorts of ways! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are figuring out where you fit into the TMC community, or have any other questions or ideas!

✉️ katie.lew@tufts.edu
📞 617-620-4686


Gwendolyn Brown

Gwendolyn Brown

Loj Director

Read More:

Gwen (she/her) is technically a senior who felt a calling to TMC board after being gifted a SNOO bracelet by the former-treasurer-and-radio-cohost (thx Syd). She grew up exploring the Berkshires but has been grateful for all the outdoor experiences Tufts has given her. It’s been Gwen’s dream to be Loj Director and she is looking forward to caretaker-certifying many new friends, teaching lots of people to work the stove, and basking in the glory of Malcolm Hansell’s and Leo Westgard’s work before her. She loves riding bikes, learning native ecology, and taking quiet hikes. Please reach out about all things Loj or if you wanna share Spotify accounts.

✉️ gwendolyn.brown@tufts.edu
📞 860-387-7351

Kai Martell

Kai Martell

Skuaqua Director (Ski + Aqua)

Read More:

Kai (he/him) is a sophomore from San Francisco, California, and he loves hills. Whether it’s running up, biking up, hiking up, or skiing down them, you can always find him totaling his elevation gain. Some things Kai can stare at for hours on end include weather systems, maps, and stars. Kai is a big bike, run, and ski nerd and his main form of social media is Strava, but you can reach him by texting him!

✉️ kai.martell@tufts.edu
📞 415-715-4856

Ashton Dudley

Ashton Dudley

Events and Big Weekends Director

Read More:

Ashton (she/her) is a sophomore from the great state of Alabama studying Film and Media and Art History. She enjoys hiking, rock climbing, hammocking, and long walks on the beach, but her favorite outdoor activity is napping in the sun. Ashton is beyong excited to be the Events and Big Weekends Director for TMC and is looking forward to planning both amazing events and also big weekends. She is passionate about outdoors accessibility and wants to get as many new faces to our lovely Loj as possible! Outside of TMC, Ashton enjoys writing and acting with TFL Comedy, getting lost in the MFA, playing Geoguesser, and memorizing trivia facts to prepare for her dream of being on jeopardy. She is also the Somerville Theatre’s number-one fan, so she is always curating her Letterboxd profile and will talk for hours about movies if you let her (especially Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, don’t even get her started). Ashton adores the outdoors community at Tufts and is so excited to be a part of TMC board this year.

✉️ ashton.dudley@tufts.edu
📞 205-602-6224

Hope Coleman-Plourde

Hope Coleman-Plourde


Read More:

Hope (she/her) is a sophomore from MA who loves tapping into her wide database of campfire songs while hiking or strolling as long as it doesn’t drive the people around her crazy. She loves a good book (so reach out with recs), any avocado moments, crazy board games, and taking the long way to get places on campus. She is looking forward to being TMC’s treasurer this year, and is excited to get as many people to the loj as possible with the help of financial aid. Please reach out to her with any aid related questions or stop by the trees near president’s house where she will most likely be hammocking if it is above 50 degrees and she doesn’t have class. 

✉️ hope.coleman_plourde@tufts.edu
📞 978-835-4381

Xander Orth

Xander Orth

Gear Director

Read More:

 Xander (he/him) hails from the 50th largest State, Rhode Island, though he swears it’s even larger at low tide. Some things that Xander happily enjoys doing for hours on end are hiking, sleeping, going to the beach, and blasting music while organizing gear. Reach out to him if you ever want to borrow gear or need to know the exact number of kayaks in Chet basement.

✉️ alexander.orth@tufts.edu
📞 401-580-8074

Eva Ramey

Eva Ramey

Stewardship Director

Read More:

Eva Ramey is a junior who uses she/her pronouns and is so incredibly excited to be Stewardship Director! She’s from Vermont, but has lived numerous places along the east coast, all giving her a better appreciation for the world we live in. Eva loves to hike, swim, climb, ski, and pretty much anything that gets her outdoors! Thing-finding is a particular favorite of hers, and she will always be pointing out cool lichen or insects on a walk. This year Eva is excited to share her enthusiasm for protecting the natural world with TMC and give back to the outdoor communities we use. Feel free to ever reach out with ideas, questions, or a song rec!

✉️ eva.ramey@tufts.edu
📞 352-213-8122

Celie Hudson

Celie Hudson

Van Director

Read More:

Despite directional challenges faced in childhood– cite her sisters having to write L and R on her hands every time they played Twister– Celie is now quite excited to put herself in a directing role of TMCs van.

Celie, a sophomore who uses she/her pronouns, grew up enjoying the outdoors through clay-y creek walks and berry picking. Since moving from the highly mountains region that is Cincinnati, Ohio she has alos discovered a love for hiking, backpacking– anything to get her high up. Call her up for mud sliding, rainy runs, or getting van certified! She’s excited this semester to make it easier for everyone to get to the spots they love outside.

✉️ celie.hudson@tufts.edu

Office Hours

President and Vice-President Office Hours by appt… email

Gear Hours: CLOSED*
email alexander.orth@tufts.edu

On Campus Loj Hours: Tuesdays 8:00-9:00pm and Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm and by appt… email gwendolyn.brown@tufts.edu

*All gear must be returned by the beginning of reading period.



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