Loj closed for Newcomers this weekend

FYI, the Loj is closed 9/19-9/21 except for those participating in Newcomers’ Weekend.

But it’s open to everyone every weekend after that until the next big weekend, Peak Weekend! Contact the caretakers and look for a ride if you want to go up.

By the way, if you don’t go to Newcomers, fear not at all! You can go to the Loj anytime you want. You can still be a TMC member and do everything everyone else does! (Smaller weekends at the Loj are more fun anyway.)

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Come join TMC for our yearly sleep out on the quad – We will be on the academic quad, bring sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents if you would like (sleeping under the stars recommended!), instruments, snacks, glowsticks, Catan, telescopes, shenanigans, marshmallows, and warm clothing!



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Sign up for more info about Newcomers Weekend!

Newcomers Weekend (Sept 20-21) is designed for new members to go on their first trip in the White Mountains and spend their first nights at the Loj. If you want to get the emails about how to sign up, fill this out:

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Monday, September 8th, at 9pm in Cabot Auditorium!

Come to learn about how to join the club, how to go on awesome rock climbing, hiking, ice climbing, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, and other trips, how to get access to tons of tasty gear, and how to meet a really rad group of people!

And how to make nachos and shenanigan.

And how to get to the lovely loj!! (See below)   :)

RETURNERS: Come at 8:15, same night same place, for a returning members meeting and caretaker sign ups!


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This Season's Ice from Ian MacLellan

If you’ve got that summertime sadness and yearn for the better days of driving snow and screaming barfies, reminisce with TMC alum Ian MacLellan’s photos of this season’s ice climbing in New England, and get stoked for even more trips next year (plus a lot of brand-new gear)!

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Around Tufts this summer and plan on venturing into the wild wild outside of your home/cubicle/van? TMC is still here, but works a little differently:

  • We email each other over the summer elist
  • The Loj has no official caretakers, thus no food. Contact the Loj Director if you’re a caretaker and want to open the Loj.
  • Vans may be used for TMC purposes, but you pay for gas. Reserve them as usual, then email the summer elist to invite others / coordinate getting the keys.
  • MetroRock and CRG discounts apply for the summer as well!

Read the full details here!

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Mountain Day

Moontain Day

Mountain Day

Hey you, listen here!
Now approaches the best day of the year.
Mountain Day, as some call it,
is no time to sit.
With the air smelling like spring,
staying inside is not an easy thing.
It’s time to celebrate being outside.
Maybe there will even be a slip ‘n slide.

So get ready for sleeping bag races
and smiles on your faces.
Human bouldering and food art
are only the start.
Ziplining with Zephyr
is going to be the coolest adventure ever.
Iris will teach you all to tie-dye,
making April 18th a great Fri-dye.
Look for us on the Prez Lawn from 11 to 2.

This day would not be complete without you there, too.

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It’s that wonderful wintry time of the year again and TMC has decided that we should celebrate it right!! Winterfest will take place from 2PM-5PM on the academic quad on February 28th, 2014. A schedule of Olympic Events will be posted soon. Events include: human dog sledding race, snowshoe race, Cross Country Skii race, human bouldering, and perhaps a game of football if there is interest. There will also be an arts and crafts booth, temporary tats, and a gear swap tent! Lastly there WILL be food and hot chocolate and perhaps a guest appearance by a mystery performing group. Prizes will be awarded to the event winners. So bundle up, get psyched and head over to the academic quad on the 28th between 2 and 5!


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Winter Survival


Orli’s mom has conscripted an undead army, and is vying for control of TMC! Come learn to survive both winter and zombies with Dustin Hines and Zephyr Feryok.

Pre-Meeting at 8PM on February 12 in Barnum 104.

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Jason Kruk
World-famous alpinist Jason Kruk is presenting at Tufts! Jason is best known for the first fair-means ascent of Cerro Torre in Patagonia (and subsequent global controversy after removing the 125 bolts that scarred the route). He’s also a paraglider-flying ski-mountaineering dog-loving stunt-rigging Canadian vegan, and generally rad guy.

And one time, he pooped his pants while climbing.

Come hear him talk about all of it:
Tues, 1/28 at 8pm
Cabot Auditorium
Free with Tufts ID, $5 other students, $10 general

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