The TMC hiking program encourages all students to get outside, regardless of skill level.  The White Mountains of New Hampshire offer a variety of hikes, ranging from beautiful walks in the woods for incredible views to the over 20-mile Presidential Traverse that ascends each of the peaks in the Presidential Range. Additionally, nearby Tufts, the Middlesex Fells also offers a weekend playground spot of short walks, trail runs, and bike rides for those less able to commit an entire weekend!

Check out the new Official TMC Hiking Guide for advice on local hiking near Tufts campus. It also includes walking and running routes. Contact serena.laing@tufts.edu with any questions or for further route advice.

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There is a wide variety of day hikes that can be found near the Loj. Whether you hike every weekend or have never been on a hike, there is something for everyone. Check out the trips board to join a hike. To plan a trip, see The 48 or Nearby Hikes sections below! Also feel free to reach out to the hiking director for help planning a hike.



The Whites are also a great destination for backpacking trips! Backpacking refers to hiking trips that last for at least two days wherein you carry what you will need to camp in the mountains overnight. If you have never been backpacking before, keep your eyes out for intro trips on the trips board!



Winter hiking

Just because the weather gets colder and snowier doesn’t mean you have to stop hiking! TMC leads winter hikes all throughout the season.  Snow lasts until May or later in the Whites, so make sure you are prepared for all year round hiking by attending a winter hiking skills session.




Winter backpacking trips require lots of preparation and equipment. Winter backpacking is mainly for experienced backpackers due to extreme conditions that can occur in the Whites. Skill sessions will be held to learn and review the fundamentals to snow camping and other cold-weather basics.




New to hiking? Sign up for a beginner trip! 

Your trip leader will help you round up the proper gear and answer any questions you have.  Check out any of the hiking gear lists below for a general list of things you’ll need to bring.  Come to on-campus trainings led by the Hiking Director and other highly-qualified TMC members and/or gear hours hosted by the Gear Director to help you feel more comfortable in the outdoors before your trip or to gain the confidence to eventually lead your own trip!

Want to be a trip leader? Update your Technical Certification!

Do you have a trip in mind? Make sure that you are certified on the website! Additionally, come to Office Hours and talk to the Hiking Director about trip planning and gear lists. New leader trainings will usually happen at the beginning of each semester, but we can help you gain the knowledge to get out and hiking at any time!

Hiking question? Ask it here!


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New Hampshire is home to the 48, 4,000+ footer mountains, and summiting each one is a goal of many TMC members.

In the Whites (around the Loj): Unlimited possibilities abound! Favorites of the 48, 4,00+ footers include the Presidentials, the Bonds, the Osceolas, Mt. Lincoln & Mt. Lafayette, and many more! Check out the linked AMC White Mountain List and Planning Guide here.

(Note that the AMC has ordered the peaks based upon highest to lowest elevation. Additionally, route suggestions are based on popular ways to do them, but that there are many routes and combinations that can be done, not just the ones listed. Please refer to an actual NH White Mountains map for more details.)




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Winter Hiking



Winter Backpacking



As always, remember to research your trails and conditions before heading out! Winter in particular is a time to understand potential blocked trail connections and hazardous river crossings.

You can always ask Loj caretakers about recent conditions, especially when embarking upon a longer hike in the Whites!

Trail conditions can be found here and the latest weather conditions can be seen here!






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