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About TMC

The Tufts Mountain Club’s (TMC) motto is “Go Outside”. More specifically, we connect members of the Tufts community with resources, knowledge, and friends to explore the outdoors.

We welcome seasoned adventurers, first-time hikers, and everything in between.

TMC is one of the largest student organizations on campus. Founded in 1939, the organization is also one of the oldest on campus. We carry on many traditions from year to year, but also look for opportunities to offer new experiences to members.

TMC hosts events and trips locally and at our Loj in New Hampshire. Trips and events are publicized on our activities page. Club members can attend as many or as few events as they wish—there’s no minimum amount of participation to be part of TMC!


Trips are generally divided into five technical programs: hiking, climbing, aqua, skiing, and biking. The TMC board includes directors for each program, who ensure that skill sessions and trips are offered at a variety of levels over the course of the year. We also have a stewardship program, in which TMC gives back to the communities we are a part of through outdoor activities.

TMC members benefit from use of our many resources, including the Loj, the TMC office (Chet), two cars, and three roomfuls of gear.

Just about everything you need to connect with TMC is here on this website! See our FAQ to learn more about TMC resources and how to be involved and check out the activities page for the latest trips and events. If you want to learn more about our technical programs, our programs page has info on each one.

Ready to be a member? You can sign up for or renew membership on your profile page. Just click the membership tab to get started.


Our spaces


The TMC office (“Chet") is our home on campus, as well as the place where all of TMC’s gear is stored. It is located at 17 Chetwynd Rd, right near Fletcher Field. All board members hold office hours at Chet throughout the week. You can also find hangouts, study sessions, and movie nights in Chet, so check the activities page to see what’s happening!


The Loj is TMC’s off campus base for trips, located in North Woodstock, New Hampshire, just 2 hours away from Tufts. It's fully stocked with food, friends, board games, bunks, and everything you need to have a safe and fun time in the White Mountains! Almost every weekend during the school year we have two caretakers running the Loj, so people can enjoy the outdoors.




Office Hours

Spring 2020 TMC office hours have not been decided quite yet! Check back soon...
Below you can get a sense of what office hours looked like in Fall 2019 semester.




Code OF Conduct

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