The TMC climbing program is committed to helping those of all skill levels increase their exposure to various types of climbing including indoor (gym) climbing, outdoor top roping, outdoor sport climbing, as well as ice climbing. Led either by our Climbing Director or another skilled TMC member, skills sessions are also posted to increase both knowledge and safety on climbing trips!


There are two main indoor climbing gyms for TMC members: MetroRock and Central Rock Gym. Paid TMC members can get discounted membership rates at both of these gyms. The closest Metrorock location is in Everett, MA and has bouldering, top roping, and lead climbing. Central Rock Gym has a bouldering-only gym in Cambridge, and bouldering, top-roping, and lead gyms in Stoneham and Watertown.

More information about these gyms can be found here and here!


outdoor climbing

Rock climbing is a great outdoor activity for people of all experience levels. TMC leads outdoor top rope climbing trips. This means that there is an anchor set up at the top of the wall and the climber is attached to a rope that connects to this anchor. The other end of the rope is used for belaying, which means that someone is keeping the rope taught to ensure the climber’s safety. Outdoor climbing anchors can be built using bolts attached to the rock or natural objects, including stable trees and rocks.


What is ice climbing? Ice climbing is exactly what it sounds like: climbing ice! TMC is proud to safely take beginners out ice climbing, typically around the New Hampshire area between January and mid-March. Usually, this happens on vertical ice walls formed from flows of water that refreeze. Climbers wear spikes on their feet and hold sharp axes to help the stay on the wall as they climb. Climbers can set up a top-rope anchor using the same principles as anchors used for rock climbing.

getting involved

New to climbing? Sign up for a beginner trip! 

Your trip leader will help you round up the proper gear and answer any questions you have. Check out the climbing gear lists below for a general list of things you’ll need to bring. Generally, those new to climbing can sign-up easily for a gym trip (free for your first time!) to help you get a feel for the sport before deciding to purchase a gym membership or before going on your first outdoor climbing trip.


Want to be a trip leader? Update your Technical Certification!

Do you have a trip in mind? Feel free to talk to the Climbing Director anytime about trip planning and leadership certification (or you can start the process online under your Account). Outdoor climbing will usually involve a rigorous rope skills assessment before any type of trip can be lead. Indoor climbing trips can be lead by anyone with their van certification.

CLIMBING question? Ask it here!

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There are countless places near Tufts for outdoor climbing. Here are a few favorites...

  • Middlesex Fells

    • Very close to Tufts!

    • Plenty of bouldering and some fun short walls that are perfect for beginners​!

  • Hammond Pond

    • 40 minutes from Tufts​

    • Park with several different crags for all of your climbing pleasures! You can boulder or toprope a wide range of grades and take in the beautiful area!

  • Quincy Quarries

    • 50 minutes from Tufts​

    • Known for its unique graffiti

    • Plenty of toproping at a variety of grades.

  • Rumney

    • Close to the Loj, 2 hours from Tufts​.

    • Expansive and offers a ton of quality climbs of different grades, but be careful because it can be crowded!

    • Previous climbing experience recommended for Rumney.

More information on these areas and many others can be found on REI's Mountain Project.






Indoor Climbing

Outdoor Climbing

Ice Climbing



Outdoor climbing requires lots of technical skills. But, we can help! Keep your eyes out for both skill sessions run by our climbing director as well as beginner climbing trips. You can find these opportunities on the trips board

Until then, here are a few online resources where you can learn more about climbing. 

  • Feel like climbers are speaking in a whole new language?

    • A little guide to climbing lingo before you go​​!








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