Welcome to the TMC Aqua Program! Aqua includes whitewater kayaking and rafting, both of which are seriously fun sports! We’d love to get you out on the water with us, even if you’ve never been before! If you’ve never done either of these activities, you need to first get on a basic skills trip. The first step is to learn the basics at Mystic Lakes, second to get some ferrying practice in on a trip to Cohasset, and third to get out there as much as you can! We also run river trips on the weekends, often in cahoots with the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). River trips vary in difficulty and require prior experience (which you could get from practicing down at Cohasset on our basic skills trips, or on a Beginner Instructional weekend trip).





Rafting, or white water rafting, uses inflatable rafts to coast down rivers. There is a scale of difficulty ranging from Class 1 to Class 6. TMC leads trips to nearby rivers in Massachusetts, including Mystic River (less than 10 minutes from Tufts!), as well as trips further away in New Hampshire on the Pemigewasset River.





Kayaking involves the use of a kayak and a paddle that has a blade on either end, dipped alternately on either side of the kayak. TMC leads both regular and whitewater kayaking trips. Regular kayaking trips may go to the nearby Mystic Lake whereas whitewater kayaking trips occur farther from Tufts on Class 1 to Class 4 rivers.


New to Aqua? Sign up for a beginner trip! 

Your trip leader will help you round up the proper gear and answer any questions you have. Check out any of the aqua gear lists below for a general list of things you’ll need to bring.  Come to local trainings led by the Aqua Director and other highly-qualified TMC members and/or gear hours hosted by the Gear Director to help you feel more comfortable in locations such as Mystic Lake before a more difficult trip or to gain the confidence to eventually lead your own trip!



Want to be a trip leader? Update your Technical Certification!

Do you have a trip in mind? Talk to the Aqua Director about trip planning and leadership certification (or you can start the process online under your Account). New leader training will usually happen at the beginning of the fall semester, but we can help you gain the knowledge to get out and on the water at any time during the fall or late spring semester!


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  • Intro to Whitewater Kayaking Trips at Cohasset

    • Just 1 hour from campus, Cohasset has something for everyone! A Class II tidal rapid forms when the tide comes in through a channel into a marsh, and there’s a standing wave for more experienced boaters to play on. Cohasset has plenty of space for new boaters to learn and practice ferrying, eddy turns, etc.

  • River Trips: Kayaking or Rafting!

    • We typically run rivers on the weekends. Trips vary in difficulty (from Class II to IV), as well as location. Keep an eye on the Trips Board and the Weekly for info on upcoming trips! There are even some experienced Raft Guiders in our midst that post big-group rafting trips when the weather and the river calls for it!










Skills Sessions


  • Brookline Pool Sessions

    • Want to learn how to roll a kayak during the winter? Every Thursday night from 8:00-10:00 PM until April there will be a trip to the Brookline High School indoor pool where rolling will be taught! Sign up if you’re interested! It will be $10 a person for the cost of using the pool.

  • Basic Kayaking Skills Trips at Mystic Lakes

    • About a 10 minute drive from campus, you can learn the basics for Whitewater Kayaking: wet exits, paddle strokes, and edging. The more time you spend on the water, the better and more comfortable you’ll become. If you’re just starting out, get on as many of these trips as you can, just to spend more time in a boat! Whenever we have interest and qualified leaders, we can work on rolling during these sessions as well.





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