The Loj

Tufts Mountain Club Loj

1 Potato Hill Rd

Woodstock, NH 03262

Loj Phone: (603) 745-2123

To find out how to actually go about using the Loj, please see the How the Loj Works page.

Owned by Tufts University and run by the Tufts Mountain Club, the Loj serves as a retreat destination for all members of the Tufts community. Many students use the Loj as a base camp from which they enjoy a wealth of activities including hiking, skiing, swimming, rock climbing, apple picking, etc., but the Loj is also a place to just relax and get to know new people.

There are 46 bunks in the Loj and adjoining Trips Cabin. There is a full-size kitchen and refrigerator, which any guests are allowed to use at their convenience. Other features include an outdoor fire circle, two large full bathrooms, a large common room with a wood stove, 3 bunk rooms (and a swanky trips cabin), and a library with oodles of books and board games. There is also plenty of outdoor gear accessible free of charge to any guest of the Loj. The gear we have at the Loj includes canoes, XC skis and boots, and snowshoes!

The Loj is located in Woodstock, New Hampshire, about 2 hours North of Tufts University’s Medford Campus up I-93. Franconia Notch State park and the Pemigwasset River are close by. We are fortunate to have such a beautiful place to stay, in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountain Region.

Lincoln, New Hampshire is only a quick drive down the road where you can find a movie theater, supermarket, plenty of places to eat and go shopping. Mirror Lake is only a few minutes away in the other direction—a beautiful small lake with a public beach.

For students who are not familiar with the this area of New Hampshire, there is a binder at the Loj which students and past visitors of the Loj have filled with information about all sorts of trips and activities which are easily accessible from the Loj. The binder has everything you need to know about these trips such as trail lengths, peak elevations, maps, directions, any fees associated with use, levels of difficulty and much more. Caretakers and other seasoned TMC members are also great resources if you have questions about the activities that abound in the area.

The Loj has a large supply of food. The majority of the food is non-perishable items such as canned soup, pasta, cereal, pancake mix etc., but the caretakers buy some fresh items before they arrive on Friday. This food is available to everyone who pays for “Loj Food” during their stay, and should be sufficient for every meal, including bagged lunches for the trail.

Loj Rules

  1. Do not burn down the Loj
    • Do not leave fires or stoves unattended
    • No smoking within 20 feet of any Loj building
    • Note where fire extinguishers and alarm pulls are when you arrive
  2. No hard alcohol on Loj property
    • The Loj is not a place to get drunk and party
    • Alcohol consumption be those under 21 is illegal
  3. The caretakers are in charge of the Loj
    • Scheduled caretakers must be present for the Loj to be in use
    • Let the caretakers know if you plan to come to the Loj
    • Pay caretakers upon arrival to the Loj
    • Caretakers have final say in assigning bunks and cleaning tasks
    • Caretakers enforce the rules and have final say in any matter that may arise; your Loj stay is contingent upon obeying the caretakers and following Loj policies
  4. Fill out a trips form before leaving on a trip
    • Ask the caretakers about this if you are unsure of what this means
    • Submit form to caretakers before leaving
  5. Take off your shoes inside the Loj and Trips Cabin; place on shoe racks
  6. Loj quiet hours are from midnight – 8 am; Trips Cabin quiet hours are from 10 pm – 8 am
    • Loj walls are thin, so all parties must respect each others’ needs
    • Some people want to go to sleep early to go on trips, and some people want to sleep in for a little bit
  7. Clean up after yourself
    • Leave the Loj cleaner than you found it
    • You are responsible for doing your own dishes
  8. Your car must be parked in the Loj parking lot — not along the road
  9. There is a limit of 4 guests per TMC member
  10. You are responsible for any damages you inflict on Loj/TMC property